Big News

I guess I’m allowed to share this with the internet world.  Most of you probably won’t consider it to be “big news”, but it’s just that for me.


The details are still unresolved and this is all still in the early stages of planning, but it’s official.  We will be preparing our house to sell in the very near future.  Want some background on how this all came about?  If not, skip the next paragraph or two.

Craig’s work is 45 minutes+ from our current home.  And while he works from home two days a week, it still makes for rough days when he does go into the office.  He’s not home until 6:30 or later on those days.  That will be almost bedtime for the kids once they’re old enough to be in school.  Reason #1: Less commute time. We’re now a family of four.  With a boy and a girl who aren’t going to want to share a bedroom forever.  A family of four also means more mess, more toys, more games of chase, and the need for more space.  Or at least more open space.  Our house is a far cry from an open floor plan.  Reason #2: More square footage and an open floor plan. Craig bought the home we’re in now before we were even dating.  Because of this, it hasn’t ever really been MY home.  (Except for the kitchen, which I was able to remodel to my liking.)  This hasn’t ever been an issue for me, but it will be nice to start fresh without having to transform a bachelor pad.  🙂  I’m not a huge fan of our “old” house.  AKA – I don’t like the wood door frames, the ancient windows, or the dated style.  Reason #3: We’ll have a “modern” house.

So that’s why we’re moving.  And for the big question:  WHERE are we moving??  Well, we’re not entirely sure yet.  We’re looking at a neighborhood still in our current city, but closer to Craig’s work.  It’s a new neighborhood and there’s a strong possibility that we’ll be able to build our own home.  YAY!!!

We have a realtor coming to the house Tuesday to get us started preparing our home to sell.  You can expect a good portion of my future posts to revolve around home renovation projects, packing, and staging.  I know you can’t wait.


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