Two Weeks

Alex had her two week checkup this morning.  She looks great!  She’s in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for length and head circumference.  And she grew 1.25 inches in two weeks!  Go baby girl!

She’s still a GREAT baby.  She’s had a couple of fussy moments over the last couple of days, but all in all she’s very content.  She’d sleep all night if we let her.  I have to set my alarm so that she doesn’t go more than six hours at night between her night and morning feeding.  One night I forgot to set my alarm and she went 7.5 hours before she started rooting around!  I almost fell out of bed when I looked at the clock!

Nathan is taking to her well.  He loves to give her hugs and rock her in the swing.  Every morning and after every nap the first thing he wants to do is “see Alex”.  Mommy and Daddy have moved down the totem pole for the time being.  And we’re okay with that.  🙂


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