Her First Blowout

All of you mommies out there already know where this post is heading.  When you hear (or read) the word “blowout” you don’t think about a tire exploding on the road.  Your mind immediately goes to uncontained baby poop.  As it rightly should.  And, as all mommies do at times, I shall share a story with you that is probably only entertaining and enjoyable to me.  🙂

Alex hadn’t pooped all day and I was beginning to get concerned.  When Craig got home around dinner time I told him that if she still hadn’t pooped by morning I was calling the nurse.  He didn’t seem concerned and made some casual comment about a nasty poopy diaper in our near future.  He wasn’t far off.

I pumped milk tonight so that Craig could give Alex her bottle before bed.  Halfway through her bottle she stopped eating long enough to poop and then resumed her meal.  Except she apparently continued pooping unnoticed.

Let me pause and remind you how terribly runny breastmilk poop is.  It’s very runny and yellow and gross.  It has a really strange smell and is just.really.gross.  Now that you have this lovely image in your head go ahead and imagine having this disgusting poop all over you.

After she finished her bottle Craig picked Alex up and turned her around to burp her.  That’s when he discovered she had not only overflowed her diaper, she had BLOWN OUT of it.  From every angle.  The poor guy was covered in newborn poop.  His shorts.  His shirt.  The hand he used to pick her up.  And I just sat there and laughed at him.  I think I may have even snorted.

Eventually I took the baby so he could clean up.  The outfit was cut off the poor girl because I just couldn’t pull it over her head and smear her hair with poop.  She got sprayed off in the shower before being dunked and scrubbed in her baby tub.  It’s a good thing she doesn’t mind water.

I can laugh about this because I’m not the one who was covered in poop.  And I’ve learned my lesson – stick with cloth.  Blowouts are much fewer and further between and probably not quite so disastrous as disposables.


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