All Boy

There’s a little boy who has it in for his mommy.  It’s already been made clear that he is going to do everything possible (unintentionally, of course) to make sure she has multiple heart attacks before he graduates high school.  And he’s well on his way at the young age of 19 months.

And of course, that little boy happens to be mine.

Last night was my latest “heart attack”.  I call it that because I’m pretty sure my heart stops in my chest every time he hurts himself.  Let me make something clear – I’m not one of those moms who freaks out every time her child falls.  I’m the mom who says “Oh, stop whining and get up.  You’re okay.”  I don’t go running to him every time he scrapes his knee and cries.  But as all of you mothers know, there is one cry that will have you running EVERY time.  The cry that immediately tells you something is not right.  I heard that cry last night.  Thus, my “heart attack”.

We were at my mother-in-law’s house talking and Nathan and his cousin Ivalee were playing on the living room floor.  (By playing I mean running around, chasing each other, and giggling as loud as possible.  They’re so cute together.)  Anyway.  One of Nathan’s favorite things to do is play on the fireplace hearth.  He thinks it’s awesome to sit and “bounce” on it.  Well, he was running across the living room (to the fireplace, I assume) and tripped.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  The kid can’t keep up with his head – it’s in the 90th percentile and makes him top-heavy.  🙂  So he tripped.  And just happened to fall head first into the hearth.  His forehead caught the edge of the tiles and he immediately started wailing.  Craig jumped up and rescued him while I sat on the couch and sobbed (if I wasn’t holding Alex, I would have been the one to jump to his rescue.  Nobody’s faster than a Mommy who’s kiddo is hurt.)  He’s okay, but it took Craig a while to calm him down.  And he has a nice goose egg on his forehead.

It gets better.  This wasn’t his first major “owie”.

Just Monday night he was jumping on the couch (something we’ve told him not to do) and fell off.  He landed on the back of his head.  Once again Craig jumped to his rescue while I sat in the glider (feeding Alex) and sobbed.  He was fine – not even a knot to show – but my heart is gradually getting more and more bruised.

Let’s recap all of his “boy moments”

  • When he was a baby he fell out of his swing.  Our fault for not buckling him in.  This was the first “major owie” although he wasn’t even bothered by it.
  • At the park a few months ago he was running down the bridge and fell head first into a concrete slab.  Scraped up his eye and the side of his face.
  • Last week he fell down the brick steps outside our house and scraped up his eyebrow.
  • Monday he fell off the couch.
  • Yesterday he cracked his head on the fireplace.

I just hope he’s at least done with the little boy stunts for a week or two.  I need time to recuperate.


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