Forgive me?

I’ve been extremely slack in the blogging department lately.  Sorry about that.  Things have been super busy.

Nathan is now 20 months old (gosh!).  He’s 26 pounds and I forget how many inches.  A lot.  His percentiles for weight and length are 50% and 35-40% respectively.  Right on target!  He speaks in short sentences (more like phrases) now and has quite the attitude.  His favorite words are “no Mommy”.  He thinks it’s a game.  He says “no” and runs, hoping I’ll chase him.  He has such a fun personality.  I love watching him as he learns.  He can even count to five all by himself and is finally starting to learn his colors.  He’s an awesome kid.

Alex is 2 months old and is “going to be tall” according to her pediatrician.  She’s 24.24 inches long (over 95th percentile) and 11.7 pounds (75th percentile).  She’s growing like a weed.  She smiles and coos all the time and has even tried to laugh.  Except it just comes out as a “heeeeee”.  🙂

We have a contract on our house and should be out of here around mid April.  Yay!  We also have a contract on a new house and should be moving in around mid April!  YAY!  All of this is still somewhat up in the air while we wait for the results of the inspection.  If the inspection comes back clean, things may move up a couple of weeks.  If the inspection comes back and we have a lot to do, things may move back a couple of weeks.  We’re hoping for the former!  I’m already dreaming up how I will decorate the new house.  I’ll be asking opinions of you in a bit about paint colors and such.  As well as packing and moving tips for those of you who have been there.  I’ve never moved a whole houseful of stuff before.  Ack.

So yeah.  It’s safe to say things are a bit busy around here.  We’ll see if I manage to keep hold of my sanity through all of this.  🙂


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