The Sweetest Brother Ever

Or, as Nathan says, “good brower” (brother).

I’m in the kitchen making dinner and Alex is in her swing in the living room.  This is the (one sided) conversation I hear coming from the living room.

“Big Bird, Agek?  Yeah? Yeah?  Swing swing Big Bird.  Swing swing Alex.

Nathan had put his Big Bird stuffed animal in the swing with Alex and was swinging them side to side.

And a little later:

“Agek paci.  Ereyago (there ya go).  Agek bunny wabbit.  Wub you bunny wabbit.  Wub you Agek.

He had found her paci and shoved it in her mouth.  With Big Bird still in her lap, he was kissing her bunny rabbit and telling it he loved it, and then making the rabbit kiss Alex and telling her he loved her.

These are the moments that make any day better.

And now he’s mad because Big Bird keeps falling out of the swing.  His sweetness is fleeting.  🙂


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