22 Months!

Our (not so) little boy will be 2 years old in just 2 months!  I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this!

I thought we’d do our update this month based on the milestone chart from babycenter.

At 22 months Nathan should be able to:

  • Kick a ball forward (he can)
  • Follow two step requests (he can.  My favorite is “can you bring Alex her paci?” 🙂 )
At 22 months half of kids can:
  • Do simple puzzles (he can if he sits still long enough.  He likes his animal puzzle.)
  • Draw a straight line (Yep.  He likes to draw a bunch of them on top of each other.)
  • Name several body parts. (Of course.  He can name his head, shoulders, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, elbow, hand, toes, feet, knees, and spine.  Yes, spine.  That’s what happens when your kids goes to the chiropractor every week!)
At 22 months some kids cans:
  • Put on loose fitting clothes.  (Not yet.  Although he can put on our shoes.)
  • Might be ready for a big bed.  (Yep.)
  • Understands opposites. (He does.  He knows loud and quiet and over and under.)
His favorite things to do at the moment are:
  • Listen to “Nathan’s rekik” (Nathan’s music.  AKA his Veggies Tales CD.)
  • “Ride Horsey”
  • “Wuker” (Color)
  • “Cook Cook Chicken.  Cook Cook Waffle” (pretend to cook)
  • “Read Bup” (Read book)  He’s a big fan of his Llama Llama Red Pajama book and his A is For Apple book.
He’s a great helper and loves to be a “good brover”.  He gives Alex hugs and shares his toys with her.  Sometimes he even sits on her.  That’s what brothers are for, right?

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