4 Months

Little Miss is four months old today!  That’s as hard to believe as Nathan being 22 months!  Our kiddos are growing up too fast!

Especially Alex.  Nathan developed “slowly” when it came to physical stuff.  There was never any cause for concern, but he was definitely on the slower end of normal.  I worried that he was “behind” other kids his age and I wanted him to develop faster.  Not so with Alex.  She’s developing much quicker than he did and I just want her to slow down!  I’m very proud of how well she’s doing, but I’m already starting to miss the newborn stage.

At four months Alex is:

  • making cooing noises and “yelling”
  • reacting when we talk to her and make faces at her
  • smiling and laughing with her big open-mouthed smile
  • doing mini “pushups” when placed on her stomach.  She can stay like that forever!
  • rolling regularly from tummy to back
  • rolling occasionally from back to tummy
  • trying to crawl.  She doesn’t get anywhere, but those arms and legs are trying their best!
  • still nursing like a champ and sleeping like a champ
  • demand feeding and not on a schedule, although she will generally eat every 2-3 hours
  • sitting up unassisted for a few seconds at a time
  • sitting up assisted for long periods of time
I know I’ve said it before, but she’s a GREAT baby.  She’s rarely fussy and is content to just be near us.  And she loves her brother.  Her face lights up every time she sees him.
Is that not the biggest smile ever?!

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