We walked in from the pool today and Nathan spoke words that just might embarrass any homemaker/stay-at-home mom.  Can you guess what they were?

“Nathan’s house!  Mess!”  And no, he was not prompted or previously taught to say such horrible words.  🙂

This is my biggest struggle as a stay-at-home mom: finding balance.  I tend to follow one of two paths at different times in our lives:

Path 1: The house stays spotless: laundry is caught up, dishes are done, floors are vacuumed, etc, etc etc.  But during this stage we tend to stay home every day and no fun happenings occur.

Path 2: We spent mornings at the pool, playing outside, or doing other fun and exciting toddler activities.  Then we all come home and crash.  The house doesn’t get clean.  In fact, it keeps getting messier and messier until I think I might explode.

So where’s the balance?  I haven’t found it yet.  I know it’s there, but it keeps escaping from my grasp.  And that’s my goal for this coming week: get a little closer to finding some balance.  I want the house to stay picked up enough that we can walk in without Nathan yelling “Nathan’s house!  Mess!”  But I also want our days to be magical for Nathan.  I want him to enjoy toddlerhood as much as possible.  And so the quest for merging the two begins.

Any tips out there for managing a home without your kids taking a backseat?


5 thoughts on “Messes

  1. Baskets! I had a basket for each room..anything out of place was put in the basket at lunch..then when the kids went down for a nap..I tackled the baskets…if they didn’t get emptied one day..thsy did the next..but at least the room had some semblance of being “tidy”

  2. I agree. A stringent organization plan helps me a lot. (let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not perfect by a LONG shot!!) But if everything has a place, it’s quicker to clean up because when you pick something up you know exactly where to put it. Makes end-of-the-day or naptime clean up much less frustrating.

  3. I am Mendy’s friend and have read your blog for a while now and I definitely think this is the ultimate question!!! I do think I keep a pretty clean house (and I am kinda a nut about it) but I remind myself daily that 20 or 30 years from now I won’t regret a load of laundry gone undone but I might miss extra time spend with my babies.

    But to get to your question….

    We have a little system of setting the microwave timer through out the day and having “bursts” of cleaning. Matt (hubby) and I do a 15-20 min once every other day, and I do a few 10 min ones through out the day. It works. I clean like a maniac for the time (blast through a bathroom or fold a load of laundry) and then when it goes off I walk away. I am also teaching my kids to incorporate 5 mins of picking up every hour. It is quick and efficient and it helps teach them responsibility without feeling like we are cleaning all the time!
    Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks so much, Allie! I’ve been doing spurts for the last few days and it makes everything seem much more manageable. I think Nathan’s even old enough to do a minute or two!

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