There’s nothing like a toddler

If you looked up the definition of ham  in the dictionary, this picture of our firstborn would be what you’d find.  He’s just that: a ham.

We’ve been watching a lot of Finding Nemo lately.  It’s the only movie Nathan requests to watch.  And he’ll watch the entire thing from start to finish.  That says a lot since the kid rarely sits still.  Anyway.  We were on the way home from the Children’s Museum yesterday and after about 10 minutes of screaming, Alex started laughing at Nathan.  With a sigh of relief I relaxed my knuckles on the steering wheel a bit took a couple of deep breaths.  (Screaming in the car is the worst.  Especially when it’s your fault because you left the paci at home.)  While Alex is fake laughing from time to time at Nathan I hear from the backseat:

“No Alex.  That’s not funny!”  pause  “And I know funny.  I’m a clownfish!”  (A line straight from Marlin out of Finding Nemo.)

WHAT IN THE WORLD?!  My 2 year old just recited a line from a real movie.  And knew exactly what situation to apply it to.

The bad part is that he’s at this sensitive stage of life where you have to pretend you don’t know what he’s doing or he’ll get embarrassed.  So I’m sitting in the front seat trying my best to master a silent, hysterical laugh.  Difficult, let me assure you.

He’s since repeated the incidence several times today.  And it never gets old.  I love this kid.


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