When Adoption Hurts

I dare you: ask any person who has been through (or is going through) the adoption process if it was easy.  I can guarantee you their answer will be “no”.  But ask that same person if it was worth it in the end and their answer will be “most definitely”.

Some of our best friends are going through the not-so-easy part of their adoption.  Through a series of (speedy!) circumstances that could have only happened by the power of God, they are almost through adopting the most adorable little boy.  Seriously, y’all.  This kid’s a CUTIE!  But they’ve hit a bump in the road.  If the worst were to happen (and none of us expect it to), they would lose their little boy.  Adoption isn’t easy.  It has the potential to be filled with frustration, heartache, and fear.  I’m glad we realize that now, before we really get started with the process.  We’re going to have our own bumps to get around in the next 2+ years.  Especially adopting from Ethiopia.  We’ll get to that in a future point.  But children are worth fighting for.  Our future child is worth fighting for.  Our friends’ son is worth fighting for.

Please join our family as we pray for these friends of ours.  Pray that God’s hand will remain over their little boy and that His protection will be constant.  Pray that they will have peace over the next several months as they wait on God’s timing.

Pray that the corruption involved in adoption will be stopped.

Pray that our adoption journey will be as painless as possible.  Pray that our family will remain in God’s will throughout this process and that we will be able to bring our child home in His timing.


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