It’s Hard to Update…

…when there are no updates.  *Sigh*

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to know what’s going on.  I like to have a plan.  I don’t like to do things last minute (unless they require no preparation).  I’m a list maker.  Shoot – I even write things on my to-do lists that I’ve already finished just so I know it’s all in one place.  I have a certain day that I clean the bathrooms and wash the sheets.  I LOVE to have a plan.  Even if I don’t follow through with it, at least I know what should happen if I got my act together.

So for me to sit here and write to you that we have no idea where we’re adopting from is hard for me.  I don’t like not knowing.  I want to know where we’re going so I can start preparing.  Learn a teeny tiny bit of the language.  Embrace our future child’s culture.  Teach our current children about that culture.

So I guess that’s the update: there is no update.  We’re sitting and (ever so impatiently) waiting on God to lead us where He wants us.  The good thing is we have nothing but time right now.  Through our new agency, Lifeline, I must be 25 before we can send off our dossier.  Which means we can’t really start the process until I’m 24.5 (in September).  The only exception to this is if we decide to adopt from Congo.  But their program is on hold right now due to a large number of applicants, so that’s not an option at the moment anyway.

That gives us plenty of time to save money, raise funds, abide in God, and focus on the two little ones He’s already blessed us with.

We’ll keep you posted when things change.  🙂  In the meantime, we could use your prayers that God will lead us where He wants us and that we will listen to only Him.


2 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Update…

  1. Think about Colombia. It is not as long as most agencies claim.

    Parents’ Ages – 25-37
    Age of Child Referred – 0-2 years
    Waiting time ; 6-18 months from receipt of dossier

  2. I actually got an email last week that Lifeline has started a Colombia program! My only concern is how long you have to stay in country to finalize an adoption. I read up to 8 weeks?! Do you know if that’s correct?

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