To The Best Mom

December 25, 2011.  For those who don’t know, that’s the day I almost lost my mom.  I got the call from my Dad on Christmas morning that my mom was at the hospital and that she had a heart attack.  Scariest words ever.  I was told she was stable and that she would be fine.  But you know, when you hear the words “heart attack” in relation to someone you love, “fine” doesn’t ease your mind.  I was able to visit her in ICU later that day.  That’s the first time in my entire life that I was stronger than her. The first time she couldn’t take care of me while I was hurting and scared.   I didn’t sleep well that night.  I laid awake wondering what in the world I would do without her if she was to leave us.  What my Dad would do without her if she was to leave us.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to answer that question.  She’s doing great now.  But only by the grace of God.  My parents told me several weeks following the heart attack that had she been 5 minutes later to the hospital, she wouldn’t have made it.   I think God must have known that while she would have been SO HAPPY in heaven by His side, something inside me would have died.   I wasn’t ready to give her up.

When I was little she cleaned up my puke, held me when I cried, cried for me when I made mistakes, prayed over me constantly, and never gave me reason to doubt her love and support of me.  Now that I’m older she brings be dinner when things are busy, takes care of the kids when I’m sick (even if it means she gets sick because of it), and still prays for me daily.  She makes random trips to Walmart and Lowes with me and helps me plant vegetable “gardens”.   She’s my best friend.

Mom, I’m so thankful God chose to give you more time on Earth with us.  I’m so thankful He chose YOU to be my mom.  So thankful He chose YOU to be grandma to our kids.  I love you.  I hope I say it enough.


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