After taking a little break from researching adoption stuff, I jumped back on the bandwagon this weekend.  We’ve been doing some hard core researching, comparing, and praying over the last several days and have narrowed down the country of our future child to Colombia and Peru!  Definitely NOT where we thought we would adopt from, but it makes the most sense for our family right now.

Our only African option was Congo and that’s just not a safe option for us right now.  We both agreed that it would be foolish to leave our two kids here in the states and travel to a war and disease ridden country to pick up another child.  The risks are just too high right now.  My heart still breaks for all of those kids in DRC waiting for families.  All of the kids running in fear from Kony and his soldiers.  But we’re not the family for them.  I’m praying hard that God will send families that way as fast as they can fill out the paperwork.  If you’re interested in adopting from Congo, I can point you to a great agency!  🙂

After ruling out Congo we were left with Latin America or Bulgaria.  Bulgaria just wasn’t striking a chord with either one of us, so we moved on.  This left us with Colombia, Peru, or Costa Rica.  Costa Rica only allows children over the age of 6 to be adopted right now.  Having a (almost) 3 year old and a 1 year old at home, adopting from Costa Rica would most definitely disrupt the “birth order” in our family.  While we’re not opposed to adopting outside of birth order, we’re not sure that’s what is best for our family.

Peru and Colombia both give us the option of adopting in or outside of the natural order of our children.  Right now we would prefer to adopt a child younger than Nathan (and probably younger than Alex), but we are open to an older child if that’s where God leads us.  We have another year or so to figure that out.  🙂

I have a couple of emails out to my “adoption people” regarding these two countries to see which is the best fit for our family.  Hopefully we’ll have a country soon!

P.S: who wants to teach us Spanish?



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