A Family Update

For those following along, here’s a quick update of our lives right now.

  • Nathan will turn THREE next month!  THREE.  Crazy.  He’s super smart (and I’m not just biased).  He recognizes all of his letters and knows most of their sounds.  He can count to 16 (sometimes he confuses 13 and 14).  His vocabulary compares to a 4 or 5 year old and he speaks in complete sentences very clearly.  He’s pretty much potty trained during the day and is learning how to swim.
  • Alex is almost 17 months old and is very smart as well.  (Again, I’m not just biased.)  She can say at least 30 words already and understands many more.  She’s our monkey and is determined to do anything her brother does.  Except swim.  She doesn’t like any water except the water in our baby pool or a puddle in the yard.  We call her our “itty bitty” because she’s so small.  About 21 pounds right now, but very healthy.
  • Craig is working hard, as always, to not only support our family but to save for our adoption.  He’s pretty much amazing.
  • I’m still doing the crafting thing.  Mostly painting right now, which I love.  I’ll post some pictures of my recent stuff soon.
  • We’re back on the fitness bandwagon and ready to be healthy for life!  We’ve been doing pretty well for the last year, but can always do better.  I’m starting some crossfit exercises at home with a friend.  We’re training to one day compete!  I’m probably more excited about it than I should be.  🙂
  • We’re also narrowing down adoption locations.  I think we’ll come to a decision within the next week or two.  We’ll let you know!
  • We have about HALF of the funds needed to adopt.  And we haven’t officially started the paperwork!  God is amazing.

I think that’s all the big stuff.  Now you’re all caught up.  Did you even know you were behind?


Potty Training (Take 3) – Day 2

I’m going to hope I don’t jinx us by saying this…but I’m pretty sure Nathan is officially potty trained!  IN TWO DAYS!!!!  What the heck?  Never would have thought our two year old stubborn boy would manage that.

After a long morning inside reinforcing what he learned yesterday, Nathan got to spend the afternoon outside.  It was during the bubble chasing festivities that he had his only real accident since we put on underwear yesterday morning.  We saw it coming, but couldn’t act fast enough.  Oh well.  One accident in two days isn’t too shabby!

After a quick trip to the potty the bubble chasing continued.  Alex had to join in on the fun.

The next FIVE times Nathan went potty, he told us he had to go.  He even stopped playing in the pool to tell us he needed a potty break!  Complete with a poop in the potty!  He’s got it down pat.  At home at least.  We’ll see how he does with his first outing tomorrow.

We ended our potty training “boot camp” with ice cream all around.  And now I can relax on the couch knowing I have only one kid in diapers.  You’re next, Alex!  🙂


Craig had a few days off last month, so we took advantage of his vacation and took the kids to Riverbanks Zoo.  It was Alex’s first trip to the zoo that she would remember.  We went once when she was a few months old, but she slept the entire trip.  It was great seeing the kids interact with their surroundings and really ENJOY watching all of the animals.  We had a blast.

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They had so much fun that we bought a membership pass so I can take them anytime!

6 months

Alexandra Marie is 6 months old today!

At 6 months Alex is:

  • Up on her hands and knees and trying to crawl
  • Sitting up unassisted for a few minutes at a time
  • Rolling ALL over the place
  • Grabbing anything within reach and chewing on it.  (She even chewed up a check the other day!)
  • Wearing 6 and 9 month clothes
  • Blending vowel and consonant sounds.  Nathan’s interpretation: “Alex say blah blah blah and ahhhhhhh”.  🙂
  • Nursing every 2-4 hours and eating solids twice a day
  • Eating cereal and banana.  We’re trying pears tonight and green beans soon
  • Sleeping about 10 hours a night with one dream feed before I go to bed
  • Laughing a deep belly laugh
It’s hard to believe she’s so big already!

4 Months

Little Miss is four months old today!  That’s as hard to believe as Nathan being 22 months!  Our kiddos are growing up too fast!

Especially Alex.  Nathan developed “slowly” when it came to physical stuff.  There was never any cause for concern, but he was definitely on the slower end of normal.  I worried that he was “behind” other kids his age and I wanted him to develop faster.  Not so with Alex.  She’s developing much quicker than he did and I just want her to slow down!  I’m very proud of how well she’s doing, but I’m already starting to miss the newborn stage.

At four months Alex is:

  • making cooing noises and “yelling”
  • reacting when we talk to her and make faces at her
  • smiling and laughing with her big open-mouthed smile
  • doing mini “pushups” when placed on her stomach.  She can stay like that forever!
  • rolling regularly from tummy to back
  • rolling occasionally from back to tummy
  • trying to crawl.  She doesn’t get anywhere, but those arms and legs are trying their best!
  • still nursing like a champ and sleeping like a champ
  • demand feeding and not on a schedule, although she will generally eat every 2-3 hours
  • sitting up unassisted for a few seconds at a time
  • sitting up assisted for long periods of time
I know I’ve said it before, but she’s a GREAT baby.  She’s rarely fussy and is content to just be near us.  And she loves her brother.  Her face lights up every time she sees him.
Is that not the biggest smile ever?!

Family Pictures

Margo Mizell of His Creation Photography did us the honor of taking our family pictures a few weeks ago.  She took our family pictures shortly after Nathan was born, so we wanted her to be the one to take them after Alex came along.  As expected, she did a fantastic job.

The Sweetest Brother Ever

Or, as Nathan says, “good brower” (brother).

I’m in the kitchen making dinner and Alex is in her swing in the living room.  This is the (one sided) conversation I hear coming from the living room.

“Big Bird, Agek?  Yeah? Yeah?  Swing swing Big Bird.  Swing swing Alex.

Nathan had put his Big Bird stuffed animal in the swing with Alex and was swinging them side to side.

And a little later:

“Agek paci.  Ereyago (there ya go).  Agek bunny wabbit.  Wub you bunny wabbit.  Wub you Agek.

He had found her paci and shoved it in her mouth.  With Big Bird still in her lap, he was kissing her bunny rabbit and telling it he loved it, and then making the rabbit kiss Alex and telling her he loved her.

These are the moments that make any day better.

And now he’s mad because Big Bird keeps falling out of the swing.  His sweetness is fleeting.  🙂