The Kid Loves Fish

It may seem silly to some, but I’m writing this blog to document a special day in Nathan’s life.  If you’re a parent you’ll understand my need to always remember this moment.

As you’ve already read, Nathan is now potty trained.  He pretty much did it all himself.  We’ve had two accidents in the last 4 days since we threw away the diapers.  Not bad at all!  His big “prize” for being potty trained was getting to pick out two fish.  We’ve been bribing him to go potty with the idea of fish for several months now.  So when he finally started going on the potty he made sure to remind us of our promise.  We set up the tank the first day of potty training as a visual reminder and motivator for success.  It worked like a charm.

And because he’s potty trained now (excluding night time), we took him to PetsMart to pick out his fish.  Y’all.  This kid was SO EXCITED.  We pointed him to two different tanks with fish that we were told would be super hard to kill.  (If you haven’t heard, I’m terrible at keeping fish alive.)  We let him pick two fish out of those tanks to bring home.  He held that bag of fish in his lap the whole way home and talked to them.   We couldn’t make out everything he was telling them because he was speaking so softly.  But we did hear: “Hi fishies.  I’m going to take you to your new home and put you in your new aquarium and you can live at my house.”  🙂  He was so sweet to them.  He told them he could pee and poop on the potty now and that he was a big boy.

Then he asked me if he could eat them.

I’ve also discovered it’s nearly impossible to take a good picture of fish.  Oh well.  You get the idea.  The yellowish one is named Nemo and the orange one is Marlin.  (Care to guess what his favorite movie is?)


Potty Training (Take 3) – Day 2

I’m going to hope I don’t jinx us by saying this…but I’m pretty sure Nathan is officially potty trained!  IN TWO DAYS!!!!  What the heck?  Never would have thought our two year old stubborn boy would manage that.

After a long morning inside reinforcing what he learned yesterday, Nathan got to spend the afternoon outside.  It was during the bubble chasing festivities that he had his only real accident since we put on underwear yesterday morning.  We saw it coming, but couldn’t act fast enough.  Oh well.  One accident in two days isn’t too shabby!

After a quick trip to the potty the bubble chasing continued.  Alex had to join in on the fun.

The next FIVE times Nathan went potty, he told us he had to go.  He even stopped playing in the pool to tell us he needed a potty break!  Complete with a poop in the potty!  He’s got it down pat.  At home at least.  We’ll see how he does with his first outing tomorrow.

We ended our potty training “boot camp” with ice cream all around.  And now I can relax on the couch knowing I have only one kid in diapers.  You’re next, Alex!  🙂


Craig had a few days off last month, so we took advantage of his vacation and took the kids to Riverbanks Zoo.  It was Alex’s first trip to the zoo that she would remember.  We went once when she was a few months old, but she slept the entire trip.  It was great seeing the kids interact with their surroundings and really ENJOY watching all of the animals.  We had a blast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They had so much fun that we bought a membership pass so I can take them anytime!

Crafting Mommies

If you haven’t heard (if that’s even possible), my sister-in-law and I have started a crafting business.  We sell crocheted and knitted hats, stuffed animals, accessories, and baby items.  Here’s a sampling of items we have made in the past:



Visit our facebook page here to see pictures of items we’ve created or to place a custom order.  You can also visit our Etsy site to see items that are currently for sale.

All proceeds from items I sell will go directly into our adoption fund.  So go buy something cute and help us adopt at the same time.  🙂  And buy stuff from Rita too.  Just because she’s awesome and every child should have one of her monsters.

I’m also working on a special item with the specific purpose of raising awareness of orphans and adoption.  More to come on that soon.

6 months

Alexandra Marie is 6 months old today!

At 6 months Alex is:

  • Up on her hands and knees and trying to crawl
  • Sitting up unassisted for a few minutes at a time
  • Rolling ALL over the place
  • Grabbing anything within reach and chewing on it.  (She even chewed up a check the other day!)
  • Wearing 6 and 9 month clothes
  • Blending vowel and consonant sounds.  Nathan’s interpretation: “Alex say blah blah blah and ahhhhhhh”.  🙂
  • Nursing every 2-4 hours and eating solids twice a day
  • Eating cereal and banana.  We’re trying pears tonight and green beans soon
  • Sleeping about 10 hours a night with one dream feed before I go to bed
  • Laughing a deep belly laugh
It’s hard to believe she’s so big already!

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!

Our sweet little big boy turned 2 (TWO!) yesterday.  It’s somewhat hard to wrap my mind around.  So I won’t.  I’ll stop being nostalgic and show you pictures of his awesome birthday bash.  You can thank me later.

Many thanks to my sister-in-law Rita for taking over my camera and getting some awesome pictures at the party.  I’ll return the favor next month!

It’s going to be hard to top this Firetruck Party next year!

22 Months!

Our (not so) little boy will be 2 years old in just 2 months!  I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this!

I thought we’d do our update this month based on the milestone chart from babycenter.

At 22 months Nathan should be able to:

  • Kick a ball forward (he can)
  • Follow two step requests (he can.  My favorite is “can you bring Alex her paci?” 🙂 )
At 22 months half of kids can:
  • Do simple puzzles (he can if he sits still long enough.  He likes his animal puzzle.)
  • Draw a straight line (Yep.  He likes to draw a bunch of them on top of each other.)
  • Name several body parts. (Of course.  He can name his head, shoulders, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, elbow, hand, toes, feet, knees, and spine.  Yes, spine.  That’s what happens when your kids goes to the chiropractor every week!)
At 22 months some kids cans:
  • Put on loose fitting clothes.  (Not yet.  Although he can put on our shoes.)
  • Might be ready for a big bed.  (Yep.)
  • Understands opposites. (He does.  He knows loud and quiet and over and under.)
His favorite things to do at the moment are:
  • Listen to “Nathan’s rekik” (Nathan’s music.  AKA his Veggies Tales CD.)
  • “Ride Horsey”
  • “Wuker” (Color)
  • “Cook Cook Chicken.  Cook Cook Waffle” (pretend to cook)
  • “Read Bup” (Read book)  He’s a big fan of his Llama Llama Red Pajama book and his A is For Apple book.
He’s a great helper and loves to be a “good brover”.  He gives Alex hugs and shares his toys with her.  Sometimes he even sits on her.  That’s what brothers are for, right?

Family Pictures

Margo Mizell of His Creation Photography did us the honor of taking our family pictures a few weeks ago.  She took our family pictures shortly after Nathan was born, so we wanted her to be the one to take them after Alex came along.  As expected, she did a fantastic job.

All Boy

There’s a little boy who has it in for his mommy.  It’s already been made clear that he is going to do everything possible (unintentionally, of course) to make sure she has multiple heart attacks before he graduates high school.  And he’s well on his way at the young age of 19 months.

And of course, that little boy happens to be mine.

Last night was my latest “heart attack”.  I call it that because I’m pretty sure my heart stops in my chest every time he hurts himself.  Let me make something clear – I’m not one of those moms who freaks out every time her child falls.  I’m the mom who says “Oh, stop whining and get up.  You’re okay.”  I don’t go running to him every time he scrapes his knee and cries.  But as all of you mothers know, there is one cry that will have you running EVERY time.  The cry that immediately tells you something is not right.  I heard that cry last night.  Thus, my “heart attack”.

We were at my mother-in-law’s house talking and Nathan and his cousin Ivalee were playing on the living room floor.  (By playing I mean running around, chasing each other, and giggling as loud as possible.  They’re so cute together.)  Anyway.  One of Nathan’s favorite things to do is play on the fireplace hearth.  He thinks it’s awesome to sit and “bounce” on it.  Well, he was running across the living room (to the fireplace, I assume) and tripped.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  The kid can’t keep up with his head – it’s in the 90th percentile and makes him top-heavy.  🙂  So he tripped.  And just happened to fall head first into the hearth.  His forehead caught the edge of the tiles and he immediately started wailing.  Craig jumped up and rescued him while I sat on the couch and sobbed (if I wasn’t holding Alex, I would have been the one to jump to his rescue.  Nobody’s faster than a Mommy who’s kiddo is hurt.)  He’s okay, but it took Craig a while to calm him down.  And he has a nice goose egg on his forehead.

It gets better.  This wasn’t his first major “owie”.

Just Monday night he was jumping on the couch (something we’ve told him not to do) and fell off.  He landed on the back of his head.  Once again Craig jumped to his rescue while I sat in the glider (feeding Alex) and sobbed.  He was fine – not even a knot to show – but my heart is gradually getting more and more bruised.

Let’s recap all of his “boy moments”

  • When he was a baby he fell out of his swing.  Our fault for not buckling him in.  This was the first “major owie” although he wasn’t even bothered by it.
  • At the park a few months ago he was running down the bridge and fell head first into a concrete slab.  Scraped up his eye and the side of his face.
  • Last week he fell down the brick steps outside our house and scraped up his eyebrow.
  • Monday he fell off the couch.
  • Yesterday he cracked his head on the fireplace.

I just hope he’s at least done with the little boy stunts for a week or two.  I need time to recuperate.