A Family Update

For those following along, here’s a quick update of our lives right now.

  • Nathan will turn THREE next month!  THREE.  Crazy.  He’s super smart (and I’m not just biased).  He recognizes all of his letters and knows most of their sounds.  He can count to 16 (sometimes he confuses 13 and 14).  His vocabulary compares to a 4 or 5 year old and he speaks in complete sentences very clearly.  He’s pretty much potty trained during the day and is learning how to swim.
  • Alex is almost 17 months old and is very smart as well.  (Again, I’m not just biased.)  She can say at least 30 words already and understands many more.  She’s our monkey and is determined to do anything her brother does.  Except swim.  She doesn’t like any water except the water in our baby pool or a puddle in the yard.  We call her our “itty bitty” because she’s so small.  About 21 pounds right now, but very healthy.
  • Craig is working hard, as always, to not only support our family but to save for our adoption.  He’s pretty much amazing.
  • I’m still doing the crafting thing.  Mostly painting right now, which I love.  I’ll post some pictures of my recent stuff soon.
  • We’re back on the fitness bandwagon and ready to be healthy for life!  We’ve been doing pretty well for the last year, but can always do better.  I’m starting some crossfit exercises at home with a friend.  We’re training to one day compete!  I’m probably more excited about it than I should be.  🙂
  • We’re also narrowing down adoption locations.  I think we’ll come to a decision within the next week or two.  We’ll let you know!
  • We have about HALF of the funds needed to adopt.  And we haven’t officially started the paperwork!  God is amazing.

I think that’s all the big stuff.  Now you’re all caught up.  Did you even know you were behind?


The Kid Loves Fish

It may seem silly to some, but I’m writing this blog to document a special day in Nathan’s life.  If you’re a parent you’ll understand my need to always remember this moment.

As you’ve already read, Nathan is now potty trained.  He pretty much did it all himself.  We’ve had two accidents in the last 4 days since we threw away the diapers.  Not bad at all!  His big “prize” for being potty trained was getting to pick out two fish.  We’ve been bribing him to go potty with the idea of fish for several months now.  So when he finally started going on the potty he made sure to remind us of our promise.  We set up the tank the first day of potty training as a visual reminder and motivator for success.  It worked like a charm.

And because he’s potty trained now (excluding night time), we took him to PetsMart to pick out his fish.  Y’all.  This kid was SO EXCITED.  We pointed him to two different tanks with fish that we were told would be super hard to kill.  (If you haven’t heard, I’m terrible at keeping fish alive.)  We let him pick two fish out of those tanks to bring home.  He held that bag of fish in his lap the whole way home and talked to them.   We couldn’t make out everything he was telling them because he was speaking so softly.  But we did hear: “Hi fishies.  I’m going to take you to your new home and put you in your new aquarium and you can live at my house.”  🙂  He was so sweet to them.  He told them he could pee and poop on the potty now and that he was a big boy.

Then he asked me if he could eat them.

I’ve also discovered it’s nearly impossible to take a good picture of fish.  Oh well.  You get the idea.  The yellowish one is named Nemo and the orange one is Marlin.  (Care to guess what his favorite movie is?)

Potty Training (Take 3) – Day 2

I’m going to hope I don’t jinx us by saying this…but I’m pretty sure Nathan is officially potty trained!  IN TWO DAYS!!!!  What the heck?  Never would have thought our two year old stubborn boy would manage that.

After a long morning inside reinforcing what he learned yesterday, Nathan got to spend the afternoon outside.  It was during the bubble chasing festivities that he had his only real accident since we put on underwear yesterday morning.  We saw it coming, but couldn’t act fast enough.  Oh well.  One accident in two days isn’t too shabby!

After a quick trip to the potty the bubble chasing continued.  Alex had to join in on the fun.

The next FIVE times Nathan went potty, he told us he had to go.  He even stopped playing in the pool to tell us he needed a potty break!  Complete with a poop in the potty!  He’s got it down pat.  At home at least.  We’ll see how he does with his first outing tomorrow.

We ended our potty training “boot camp” with ice cream all around.  And now I can relax on the couch knowing I have only one kid in diapers.  You’re next, Alex!  🙂

Potty Training (Take 3) – Day 1

If you’ve followed my blog or my Facebook for any decent length of time, you’ll know this isn’t our first attempt at potty training our first born.  We first tried to potty train him a little less than a year ago.  He was showing most of the readiness signs and we were ready to get started.  However, I didn’t realize just how much of a commitment potty training is.  Especially potty training under the age of 2.  After a week he was catching on and was completely trained if he was naked.  But you know, you can’t go everywhere naked and I was sick and tired of fighting that battle.  So we put the diapers back on and called it quits.

A couple of months ago we haphazardly tried again.  I was thinking maybe he would just magically get it on his own.  When the first day came and went with NO successes and led to him holding his pee as long as possible, I gave up again.  I was thinking we were going to end up potty training a 4 year old.  And at that point I was okay with that.

Fast forward a few months.  Poops were getting NASTY and I was OVER diapers.  He’d poop and refuse to sit down until we changed him.  Pretty sure that’s a major readiness sign.  Couple that with the fact that our kids have been battling some major diaper rashes lately, when we ran out of diapers yesterday we decided today was the day.  I didn’t buy more diapers.  We showed Nathan the box and that there were no more diapers.  We put him to bed and told him that he was going to be a big boy and wear underwear all the time now.  He actually got really excited about it.

(Alex is a very supportive little sister.  That, or she was taking advantage of the opportunity to watch Finding Nemo again.)

Today was Day 1.  After some rough attempts at training in the past (that led to some fear of the potty on Nathan’s part) I didn’t expect today to go well.  But the diapers were gone and never to return, so we’re in this for the long haul.  And I can happily say that we had NO ACCIDENTS today.  Well, I guess not technically.  There was a little dribble in his first pair of underwear before I caught his dance.  But not even enough to have to clean up the floor!  He only used two pairs of underwear all day!  (We’re using pull ups for naps and bed simply because I think that would be too much for him at once.)  He even got to the point where by the end of the day he was telling us he needed to go!

(For the record: the guest bath is Kenya’s “space”.  She wasn’t really enthused about us invading her space all day.)

I’ve read the second day is the hardest though, so I’m not getting my hopes up yet.  But I’m glad we’re off to a much better start than before!