Craig had a few days off last month, so we took advantage of his vacation and took the kids to Riverbanks Zoo.  It was Alex’s first trip to the zoo that she would remember.  We went once when she was a few months old, but she slept the entire trip.  It was great seeing the kids interact with their surroundings and really ENJOY watching all of the animals.  We had a blast.

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They had so much fun that we bought a membership pass so I can take them anytime!


Nathan Meets His Great-Grandparents

Well, half of them.  Craig’s half.


Nathan, Craig, Pappaw, and Miss Dot (Pappaw’s wife).


Relaxing with Pappaw


The Brett Four Generations Picture


Aunt Karen with Nathan, Granddaddy, and Aunt Janice with Ivalee.


The Moss Four Generations Picture



This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend.  Thanks for capturing it, Rita!  I love that grin!

The trip went great.  We left around lunch time on Friday (I still haven’t mastered leaving on time) and arrived in Madison, GA around 6 to visit with Pappaw and Dot (Craig’s maternal grandfather).  Rita and Ivalee (along with Craig’s parents) arrived late Friday night.  We stayed with them Friday night and left around lunchtime to head to Ellijay to see his dad’s side of the family.  We mets his aunts at their yarnshop (heaven!) and then headed out to see Craig’s grandmother, who is in a nursing home in the area.  We had an awesome visit with her over dinner and then headed to the aunts’ house for the night.  (Side note here:  their house is AMAZING.  My dream house!)  We stayed Saturday night with them and spend a good bit of Sunday with them.  We left around 2 to head home.

And here’s where things get interesting.  Craig and I got stuck in traffic.  Stand-still traffic for about 30 minutes.  Poor little Nathan was sick and tired of being in his carseat and was screaming his head off.  So I jumped in the backseat, got him out of his carseat and changed his diaper.  (We moved maybe 5 mph at the most, so I wasn’t worried about his safety.  His tears were beginning to get to me.)  The diaper change didn’t make him feel any better and I was starting to cry because he was so upset, so I nursed him to sleep in the backseat while sitting in traffic.  He went to sleep and I put him back in his carseat and strapped him in.  He did great the rest of the way.

And then, 10 minutes from home, we hit a dog.  😦  It ran across the road right in front of us.  There was nothing Craig could do to avoid it without putting us in danger, so we had to hit it.  And I balled my eyes out.  We ended up going to a friend of Rita’s who lives right there and borrowing a flashlight from them.  I just wanted to make sure the dog wasn’t laying on the side of the road dying alone.  I couldn’t have let that happen.  But we couldn’t find him, so I’m assuming the best in thinking that we just clipped his leg or something and that he and his friend found their way home.  Thankfully it wasn’t a deer!  That probably would have caused some major damage.

All in all it was a fantastic trip.  But I could have done without hitting the poor doggie.

Vacation Part 3

No pictures for this one, sorry.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent at the AVP tournament.  It was SO FREAKIN HOT that I didn’t even have the energy to take pictures.  How sad.  I was sweating sunscreen off faster than Craig could put it one me, so I fried like a lobster.  But I’m glad it went.  I love to watch volleyball and Sunday proved to be worth suffering through the heat.

Todd Rodgers and Phil Dalhausser are the olympic champions and had won every tournament of the season so far.  They played the championship match for this tournament against John Hyden and Sean Scott.  Craig and I were pulling for H & S since they were the underdogs.  They won the first game!  But then lost the second.  That meant there would be a third game that would only go to 15 points (win by two).  R & D were winning the third match and it looked like an easy win for them yet again.  Craig and I got up and headed to the exit in order to leave as soon as the match was over.  I’m glad we stayed to watch instead of just heading out then!  H & S were still behind, but kept hanging in there.  Finally, on match point for R & D, H & S won the point and tied it up!  Talk about an excited crowd!!!  Both teams kept trading side outs and the game kept going.  Finally, when we didn’t think anybody was going to win, H & S pulled it out and won the third game 19-17.  It was awesome!

Poor Todd and Phil.  Lost their first tournament.  I still love them, I’m just glad someone can give them some competition!

I lied.  Here’s a picture from AVP’s website that I found.  It’s H & S after scoring the match winning point.  Whoo!

Vacation 2009 Part 2

Saturday morning brought sleeping in late and getting ready slowly – a rare occurrence these days!

We left around 12:30 to walk the 15 blocks to Baraonda’s to meet my aunt and uncle for lunch.  This was a little Italian restaurant downtown that was delicious!  I had my first authentic Italian pizza and it was amazing!  It was great to spend time with my aunt and uncle.  I hadn’t seen my aunt since our wedding and I hadn’t seen my uncle since before that.  We had a great time with them!

After lunch we toured the World of Coke.





At the end of the tour there was a station where you could try over 30 different flavors of Coke products from around the world.   It was fun to sample them all.  Some of them I don’t know how people actually enjoy, but others were pretty good.  We were standing at one of the stations and a woman drug her friend over and kept telling her how good this one soda, the Beverly, was.  We hadn’t tried that one yet so Craig put some in his cup and downed it.  I seriously thought he was going to spew it all over me!  He started shaking his head uncontrollably and gagging like crazy.  Pretty mean of that woman to trick him like that.  🙂  After seeing his reaction, I decided not to sample that specific soda.  Probably a good thing because the way my stomach is sometimes, I just might have thrown up all over the place.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent at the AVP, which I will update about tomorrow!

Vacation Part 1

Vacation started Wednesday night with a visit from my grandparents.  This lead to a night of Wii for the guys.


And a night of exhaustion for Kenya.


We left for Atlanta Thursday and met Craig’s Aunt and Uncle for dinner in Madison before finishing the drive to the city.  Friday morning and afternoon was spent touring the city.  We walked through Centennial Olympic Park and Craig showed me around the Georgia Tech campus.

We headed up to Stone Mountain Friday night for some hiking and a Laser Show.  That was a lot of fun!


We actually hiked partway up the mountain before my legs started protesting the trip.  I was impressed that we made it as far as we did.  We saw baby birds and three deer along the way!


The best we can figure, we walked about 7 or 8 miles on Friday.  My body was protesting by the end of the day!  It took quite a while to get up after I sat down on that rock.  🙂


Then came the laser show on the mountain.  It was amazing!

One of the songs they did lasers to was “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”… it was hilarious!  They animated the whole thing using lasers.

Tribute to the military.

And the night ended with fireworks on the mountain.  Beautiful!

An Amazing Day

Yesterday was amazing! I actually had a chance to relax for a bit and just have some fun. What a change!

My 11:00 class was canceled (again) so Sarah and I went and got pedicures. (My birthday present from Craig was a pedicure, I just hadn’t gotten it done yet.) So Sarah went with me. Twenty beautiful toes later, we went to Jason’s Deli for lunch. My favorite place. 🙂 We ended up staying there for over an hour talking. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time just to sit and enjoy a friend’s company, so that was much needed! Sarah’s been engaged FOREVER and is getting married next May, so we talked about weddings, and married life. My favorite things. 🙂

I came home and cleaned some of the house. I’ve been tackling it one room each day so that I don’t overdo it. Yesterday was the living room. And I scrubbed that sucker good! I then went out back with my puppy and read a book. No sense wasting beautiful weather by being cooped up indoors.

When Craig got home we had dinner and watched a movie together. The first time we’ve been able to do that since Upward started. Hooray for the end of the season! 🙂

Anyway. Spring break has officially started and while I plan to enjoy some of it, I’ll be working my butt off as well. I’m at the elementary school ALL day Monday and Friday. Rita and I are planning on fixing up our flower beds this week as well. And the goal is to work through the rest of the house this week and get it sparkling clean. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m Back!!!

We had an AMAZING time on our cruise to Mexico!!

Saturday we boarded the ship and began the ride to Progresso, Mexico. Sunday was a full day at sea. We we extremely lazy and did a bunch of nothing! We played a TV theme song trivia game that Craig won! He knew 24 out of 25 TV theme songs. SCARY! 🙂

Monday was spent in Progresso at the Mayan Ruins. It was a three and a half our bus ride to get there (that wasn’t much fun), but the ruins were pretty cool to see.

This was the main temple of the Mayans. The steps on all four sides add up to the number of days in a year. The pyramid is constructed in such a way that the Mayans could tell what season it was based on the shadows cast by the temple. It was pretty cool.

Tuesday was spent in Cozumel where my mom and I swam with the dolphins! Oh. My. Gosh. That was amazing!!!

There were 7 people in our group. All of us got to kiss the dolphins, shake their fins, and hold them. We also got to have a dorsal ride in which we would grab onto the dorsals of out two dolphins and they carried us around the lagoon. That was fun. But the best part was the foot push. Each dolphin put their nose beneath my feet, and literally pushed me out of the water to the point that I was standing on their noses and was pushed around the lagoon. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! We got a video of it, I just have to figure out how to put it on here. I’ve never done anything like that in my life. The experience was second only to my salvation and my wedding day.

Wednesday was another day at sea. We laid out on the top deck for most of the day and I got the worst sunburn of my life. Which, of course, made the ride home absolutely miserable. Just for fun, on Wednesday night, I played the slot machines. I almost tripled my starting amount! Of course, I only started with a dollar on the penny slots, but hey, it was still fun.

Lily, this next picture is for you: These were our waiters, Christopher and Loretto. They’re Filipino. Lily, I tried to bring them back with me, but they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase!

Well, that’s enough for now. I have plenty of stories to tell, but they can wait until I get some sleep!