Get Involved

Want to get involved?

Sponsor a child.  Or a family.  Or several families.  Sponsoring a child helps keep them with their families (and in their culture) whenever possible.  It also helps keep orphans healthy (or get them healthy) while they await adoption.  There are hundreds of sponsorship programs out there.  Check out Compassion International. If you’re local, check out Halos.  Visit Lifeline’s (un)adopted program for other ways to help.

Help us fund our adoption.  Visit our just love coffee shop and place an order.  They offer high quality, fair trade, organic coffee and a percentage of your purchase will come straight to us.  Or send a donation via PayPal to our adoption account using the email  Or buy items from our Crafting Mommies‘ shop.  All proceeds from my stuff will go to fund our adoption.  (I’ll tag these items so you know they’re adoption items.)

Pray.  Pray for the millions of orphans around the world.  Pray for the families trying to adopt them.  Pray for the men and women caring for them.  Pray for us as we work to bring our child home.

Educate others.  There are SO MANY people out there who have no idea the conditions in which orphans live.  They have no idea the number of orphans in the world today (over 160 million) or that a child is orphaned by AIDS every 14 SECONDS.  They don’t even know that there are ways they can help.  Every little bit means the world to these kids.  Spread the word.  Let’s work together to help these kids and show them the love of God in a tangible way.  Visit this post to read more statistics on the orphan crisis in the world today.  (This post is from 2009 – from other research I have done, the numbers just increase from here.)


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